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The writer's cabin isn't proverbial anymore.


Finally, you can focus.

Timeless wisdom of the world’s best writers 
and cutting edge tactics of neuroscience and technology 
come together in a simple and intuitive design 
that creates the space and trains your brain 
to make you the fastest, most creative, and most prolific writer you can be.

Writer Cabin is an immersive writing experience 
even more distraction-free than  
the cabin in the woods you always dreamed of. 

Write directly in Writer Cabin 
or use Writer Cabin to block out distractions 
while you write in other softwares, with pen and paper, or on an antique typewriter.

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Where simplicity meets power

Science has proven what writers already know: You need a space of your own. 
A place where you can consistently go to roll up your sleeves, immerse yourself in your work, and create something significant. Writer Cabin is your place - Wherever you are. However you write. Whatever you like to write with.

Immersive Focus

From its specialized user interface to its built in endless audio loops, Writer Cabin equips you with everything you need to stay focused on what matters.

Forging Forward

Writer Cabin provides features that push you to be a better writer. You can enable an alarm to alert you when you stop writing for too long, set a timer to dedicate static amounts of time to writing, and disable backspacing to keep you moving forward, if wanted.

Cutting-Edge Technology

From Virtual Reality to Artificial Intelligence, Writer Cabin is equiped with the latest tech for helping you stay focused 

Block out both the distractions around you 
and the distractions in your mind.


Cutting edge audio technology blocks out distractions by immersing you in seamless and uninterrupted high-quality nature sounds, scientifically curated to help you achieve a relaxed-focused flow state where your creativity and productivity can thrive. 


Timeless design principles and the science of focus come together in an intuitive, distraction-free design - that makes your Writer Cabin as simple as a piece of paper in a typewriter.


Every aspect of your Writer Cabin is crafted to cut-out decision fatigue and wasted time. With curated features and settings, you’re done wasting hours and creative energy getting lost in bulky and confusing writing software instead of actually writing.


The world’s first distraction-free writing software with built-in VR.

Welcome to the cutting edge of totally immersive focus.

Just Write

Separate the act of writing from the act of editing. You’re done getting distracted by editing while you’re writing.

Focus Timers

Curated Timers designed for optimum focus - freewrite, Pomodoro, and deep work sessions.

Turn Off Your Inner Critic and Turn on Your Flow State

Turn off your backspace key and turn on your Hesitation Alarm. Cut out distractions now and train your brain to focus.

Never Face the Blank Page

With a prompt in the title, you can write right away. You’re done being distracted wondering where to begin.

Name Generation

Randomly generate one of 20 Million possible realistic full name combinations with the click of a button.

About Writer Cabin

Writer Cabin originally started as a brother sister project between a writer and a software engineer. Most of the original design has been maintained, but over the years the brother sister project became a comprehesive writing solution that stole the attention of everyone they shared it with. Writer Cabin was eventually adopted by Brooke Studios LLC and became the first writing software to incorperate Virtual Reality for enhanced focus. It has since quickly become the most advanced writing solution made publically available.

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